Less Sketchy Than Craigslist


The world is now full of websites where users can build an online reputation, but Craigslist, a site with millions users, remains anonymous and looks like it was built in the early days of the web. Could a new site make for a more trusted experience?


I built a prototype website that included many of the posting features of craigslist, but added user accounts where users could review interactions with other users. While this made for good practice using AngularJS, I also learned the hard way that you should do market research before asking a programmer to spend time on something. While it is entirely possible to build a similar but better website, Craigslist owns the market and makes very little money, so the margins on a better solution are just not enough to support the marketing effort that would be required to reach critical network mass.


AngularJS, Jasmine, Bootstrap


Code is available at https://github.com/waternova/less-sketchy-than-craigslist